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Business Travel

Our experience has taught us that business travelers have not only needed a b & b in a convenient location or a nearby car park.
Guests traveling on business needs to feel at home. A cozy place to rest or work, feeling at ease as it would be in familiar surroundings while sipping a refreshing herbal tea.
If you are looking for a place in Rome that knows how to take care of you and pamper, quality, here at the San Pietro B & B you will find familiar and welcoming environment, suggesting leisure activities and entertainment during work breaks.
We offer special services for business travel, scroll down and you’ll find our amenities.
If you travel during the week, made to reach from your family, we have special offers for you!

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Business Travel

“Your tranquility and your rest for us are very important. The San Pietro b & b is the ideal place to spend your time away from work commitments. Brand details for our DayUse mode